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  • Publishing Year  2020
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  •  https://explorations.meson.press/
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  • CC BY-SA 4.0

Explorations in Digital Cultures

Digital media are transformative: they (re)shape the ways of communicating, relating, doing, knowing, and living as much as they are themselves subject to continuous transformation. The contributions in this volume explore these contemporary shifts in and of digital cultures by analyzing a wide range of topics: from data, infrastructures, algorithms, logistics, economies, politics, identities, collectives to modes of critique and digital practices. Drawing from and contributing to ongoing debates in media culture studies, all contributions share a sensitivity for the multilayered histories of digital media technologies as well as their own discourses.

Explorations in Digital Cultures is a growing publication that will be extended with further articles. The articles are available at explorations.meson.press. A print edition will be available soon.