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  • Language  english       Pages  272
  • Publishing Year  2017
  •  978-3-95796-085-6 (print)
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  • DOI:
  •  10.14619/018

Symptoms of the Planetary Condition

A Critical Vocabulary

This book explores the future of critique in view of our planetary condition. How are we to intervene in contemporary constellations of finance capitalism, climate change and neoliberalism? Think we must! To get to the symptoms, the book’s 38 terms ranging from affect and affirmation to world and work provide the reader with a critical toolbox to be continued. Negativity, judgment and opposition as modes of critique have run out of steam. Critique as an attitude and a manner of enquiry has not.


With texts by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Rosemarie Buikema, Mercedes Bunz, Kári Driscoll, Yvonne Förster, Annemie Halsema, Birgit Mara Kaiser, Leonard Lawlor, Jacques Lezra, Sam McAuliffe, Timothy O’Leary, Bettina Papenburg, Esther Peeren, Asja Szafraniec, Melanie Sehgal, Kathrin Thiele, Sybrandt van Keulen, Veronica Vasterling, and Jennifer A. Wagner-Lawlor.