Media, Democracy & Political Process

Book Series of the Public Service Media 2.0 Lab

Edited by Christian Herzog, Volker Grassmuck, Christian Heise, and Orkan Torun

Media, Democracy & Political Process sets out to address the impacts of digitization on politics, culture and society. The book series explores how the emergence of digital communication affects established modes of policy-making and representation as well as socio-cultural values, identities and networks.

The main questions that publications appearing in the series seek to answer are: What consequences arise from the digital shift for traditional political institutions and processes of decision-making and for the media and communication systems in twenty-first century democracies? What new opportunities and risks are posed by digital technologies in terms of civic engagement and more transparent and inclusive policy-making processes? Which new forms of public sphere, social change and cultural techniques are evolving? These and related questions are addressed from a variety of perspectives, incorporating historical approaches and cross-country comparative research.

The series seeks to publish original research and contributions by experts and practitioners from the fields of politics, civil society and non-governmental organisations and regulatory agencies. It aims to contribute to the lively discourse on political and social implications of digital media technologies while working towards models and options for addressing current socio-political and -cultural challenges.

Books belonging to this Series: