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  •  10.14619/0597
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Boundary Images

How are images made, and how should we understand the capacities of digital images? This book investigates images as well as the technologies that host them. Its three chapters discuss the boundaries that images cross and blur between humans, machines, and nature and the ways in which images are political, material, and visual. Exploring these boundaries of images, this book places itself at the limits of the visual and beyond what can be seen, understanding these as starting points for the production of new and radically different ways of knowing about the world and its becomings.

“Bouncing off W. J. T. Mitchell’s view of images as lively objects, this original, timely, and playful volume offers an intriguing analysis of the multiple lives of digital images—of the boundaries they cross and the ecologies they form.”
— Joanna Zylinska, King’s College London